Real Power of Women Entrepreneurs


Real Power of Women Entrepreneurs

What is the real power behind women entrepreneurs?
A study by the Center for Women’s Business Research shows that women now own 40 percent of private firms,
women-owned businesses generate about $3 trillion in revenue and employ 16 percent of the workforce;
making them significant players in the national economy.
In addition, the study found that 85 percent of women surveyed do not believe being a woman is detrimental to their business success, and 32 percent believe being a woman is beneficial.

There is power in being a woman entrepreneur.
There is even more power in the collaborations that are formed among women business owners.
Whether your product or service is exclusively for women or not, you simply cannot deny the intrinsic inclination to support each other and champion each other’s cause.

Why not use that to our advantage?
The real power in women entrepreneurs lies in our ability to connect, support and encourage each other straight to the top!

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